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Career firefighter, 21 years an Engineer (driver/operator), 16 years full time USAR (Rescue Co.), currently a tractor/trailer unit. 'Have been helping prepare a Century 1060S for heavy lift rescue service with FD.

NOTE... There is no intention to cut into the business of commercial operators with this unit. From day one we've been told that it wouldn't be towing even our Dept. vehicles. It was spec.ed with that in mind, with only 3 axles so it would have more compartment space and be grossly overloaded if it had any fire apparatus on the back. It's likely we will be teaming up with local operators on rescues and we're looking forward to joint training opportunities. As taxpayers you guys own this rig; we'll just be maintaining and operating it. So send any suggestions to help us provide the best possible service.

Update... The Century unit went in service Feb.1, '08, and the FD is calling it Heavy Rescue 103, to which I'm now assigned as driver/operator on my shift. We've had some great training from CTTA, WreckMaster, Cal-OES/FEMA Heavy Rigging Specialist courses, Miller Rotator Seminar, Billy Leach, Wes Wilburn, and valuable instruction from a neighboring FD with similar equipment, and several experienced local heavy duty operators. Many thanks to all. We've got lots to learn and we're always looking to meet and do some training with local operators.  

Update...  Currently assigned as an Inspector.  'Still interested in support of the USAR Task Forces, rescue training, and Tow411.

Update... Transfered back to Heavy Rescue operator and USAR Task Force 103, A-shift.

My Hobbies

Kidz & family, Kidz sports teams & Scouts, vehicle projects at work. Lately: heavy wrecker

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